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We're kind of boggled that you have read this far. Didn't you see the message that says "If this doesn't make a lot of sense to you, you've read enough already"?  Since you don't seem to give up so easily, here's more of the story:

Wiki technology is ready for a major leap forward, where collaborative editing of any kind of media, documents, websites, forms, audio, films, 3D models, virtual worlds, computer programs, mind-maps, memories, DNA can all happen on-line.  The part that is missing is not the technology but rather the social contracts around how to do this.  

This is the on-line part of our blended learning environment.  We're working on the bricks and mortar part.  When we're ready, we'll be ready to deploy the wikiworld tools here.


By De Lorean:
Set the dial for 5 years in the future and be careful not to choose a distopian future.

By tardis:
Materialise at the next Octocon and ask for further directions there.

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